Building blocks to further improve dementia care in Stockport

What we did

The innovation fund was used for a range of events and resources:

  • Hosting a Stockport vascular dementia conference. The conference took place on 31st January 2019. The conference was used to discuss and further develop clinical guidance how to assess and treat vascular dementia and mild cognitive impairment. The conference was a great success with national, international and local speakers and nearly 200 people attending.
  • Organising and delivering dementia prevention/brain health public awareness engagement event. The event took place October 3rd 2019 and over 100 people attended. Following the event a number of smaller events, with standard slides and an information pack were held and further online events are planned.
  • Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s older people’s mental health team in Stockport co-produced three videos to help raise awareness amongst professionals and the public to better recognise frontotemporal dementia, especially GPs who may be the first port of call when someone is concerned about their symptoms.
  • A big celebration event was organised on 6th June 2019 for volunteers from local peer support groups providing post-diagnostic support. The event had eight groups represented, with 36 volunteers attending. The session was well attended and well received. People valued the opportunity to meet other volunteers, reflect on way they are running their peer support network, access training and appreciated the thank you and being valued for their important contribution to post-diagnostic support.

 Evaluation results

  • From the vascular conference we have increased awareness and learning on vascular dementia and improved the pathway between primary care and memory service / secondary care.
  • The brain event resulted in increased awareness for dementia prevention and developed an integrated offer for people identified with mild cognitive impairment
  • There was a positive experience for people who participated in making the video on frontotemporal dementia. It’s a really good resource that will be used in patient / carer information sessions and staff training sessions.
  • Results from evaluation of the event for local peer support groups were: improved information exchange between the various peer support group and volunteers supporting the running of the peer support networks, which improved knowledge on understanding dementia, risk assessments, safe guarding and how to deal with challenges.


Following the brain health event education sessions will be organised and coordinated by the memory service and incorporated into Stockport’s local post-diagnostic support offer

  • Roll out the videos to the wider community including job centres etc
  • To embed the contributions that volunteers make on a regularly basis in all future work

You can download the Stockport Vascular Dementia Conference slides and supporting documents on the Dementia Roadmap website

You can download the slides and a short video from the Brain Health event via We Transfer

You can view the frontotemporal videos on our resources page. Scroll down to Young Onset and rarer forms section and press the Show More button.

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