Community Delirium Toolkit pilot study

We piloted the toolkit in five localities, with urgent care/admission avoidance/intermediate care teams in 2020. This included seeking feedback on the Greater Manchester delirium leaflet (now available in sixteen languages) – print, audio and video). The intended benefits of the pilot were the early detection of delirium, improved outcomes, such as reduced hospital admission, and to provide information for patients and family members.

The report from the pilot is available Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit pilot report March 2021 (1) Greater Manchester Community Delirium Toolkit Pilot Report March 2021 (1)

These community teams were able to safely manage 70% of the patients with delirium at home thereby avoiding hospital admission.

Dr Emma Vardy and Helen Pratt, from our Dementia United team, are two of the three authors of an academic publication, that describes the development and outcomes of the community delirium toolkit pilot via the link here Delirium can be safely managed in the community through implementation of a community toolkit: a proof-of-concept pilot study | RCP Journals


Click here to find a range of resources that provide useful learning for those using the Greater Manchester community and hospital delirium toolkits