Greater Manchester Community Delirium Toolkit

Click here to download the toolkit: Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit Updated January 2024

Click here to download the accessible version: GM community delirium toolkit Accessible version July 2024

Guidance on how to use the toolkit: We’ve been in conversation with community colleagues who have been involved in either piloting or implementing the community delirium toolkit. Read more 

What is the community delirium toolkit?

The Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit is designed for health and social care staff to use in the community to help them identify and manage delirium in people over the age of 18 and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is based on national evidence and includes resources for both clinicians and people with delirium and their families.

Contents of the community delirium toolkit

The individual documents which make up the toolkit can be found below, along with optional resources.

1.  Greater Manchester community process for identifying and managing delirium (Key Document 1)

2. 4 A’s Test for delirium screening (Key document 2)

3. Greater Manchester community delirium TIME Bundle (Key Document 3)

4. Greater Manchester community delirium management and engagement guidance (Key Document 4)

5a Greater Manchester Delirium Leaflet Long Version June 2023

5b Greater Manchester Delirium Leaflet Short Version June 2023

5c Greater Manchester delirium leaflet: translated versions

5d Delirium – top tips for carers or family members

e) Delirium, what to look out for and what to do for family members and carers. A short film starring lived experience members talking about the importance of knowing what delirium is and why it is so important to act on it.

Optional resources:


a) RESTORE2 (Recognise Early Soft Signs, Take Observations, Respond, Escalate) – Health Innovation Wessex

b) Concerned about a resident? Accessing the right response at the right time for people living in care homes (NHS England)

c) Primary Care Fact Sheet (NICE)

7. Abbey Pain Scale

8. Greater Manchester nutrition and hydration material:

a) Paper weight arm band can be used to indicate malnutrition 

b) Monitoring food, fluid intake, and oral hygiene Urine chart with fluid and food intake

9. Mouth Care Assessment (Health Education England)

10. Bristol Stool Chart  (Bladder and bowel community)

11. Hints and tips for anticholinergic burden (ACB) medication

12. UTI Assessment Tool (Bury CCG)

13. Eating, drinking and moving well:

a) Greater Manchester malnutrition and hydration programme resources

b) Eating and drinking well – supporting people living with dementia

c) Keep GM Moving: Moving more at home

14. “This is Me” document (Alzheimer’s Society)

15. Bibliography for GM delirium community and hospital toolkits


Community Delirium Toolkit pilot study

We piloted the toolkit in five localities, with urgent care/admission avoidance/intermediate care teams in 2020. This included seeking feedback on the Greater Manchester delirium leaflet (now available in sixteen languages – print, audio and video). Read more 

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Training resources 

Click here to find a range of resources that provide useful learning for those using the Delirium Community Toolkit


Hospital Toolkit 

Click here for the Greater Manchester Hospital Delirium Toolkit