Delirium toolkit training resources

Our aims

Dementia United’s Greater Manchester approach to delirium  outlines key standards that focus on raising awareness and ensuring the provision of information for people at risk of delirium, those that go on to develop delirium, and for family carers.

Why this matters

Delirium is a common yet under-recognised medical condition that can have serious or even life-threatening consequences. Given the costs of delirium to both the patient and to the healthcare economy, it is essential that healthcare professionals are aware of delirium and understand how to identify and manage the condition. The Northern Clinical Network for Mental Health and Dementia has produced a curriculum for delirium training to be used in acute hospitals in the region. Delirium-curriculum-for-acute-hospital-staff-v4.0-final.pdf (

What we’ve achieved so far

Greater Manchester delirium leaflet

Dementia United co-produced a Greater Manchester public facing delirium leaflet

This is also available as a short film – you can access this on YouTube

Translated leaflets, films and audio files

The leaflet is available in sixteen languages in three formats: written leaflet, audio file and film. You can access all of these here

Dementia United Delirium and Hydration resources

These co-produced resources have a focus on the link between dehydration and delirium. We ran a campaign in the summer and these resources were so popular that we’ve removed mentions of summer so the resources can be used all year round. You can find out more about the summer campaign here.

Collated training resources

We have also collated information resources from Greater Manchester and across the UK, as below.

Greater Manchester


West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership/NHS I&E resources

Delirium dramas  

Please note that these films are designed to highlight both good and bad practice. We recommend that the films are used in education/awareness raising sessions by skilled facilitators who are able to draw out the key learning from each of the scenarios. They are included in this report Improving awareness of delirium how to prevent it spot it and manage it produced by West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Networks

In the films with Kenneth and Wendy they highlight lots of bad practice with the intention that it will stimulate key learning throughout the learning module. It’s important to remember that while the films may be shocking and/or alarming, the scenarios are written and presented to be thought provoking and to encourage rich discussion among health care professionals across all parts of the health and care system.

With thanks to West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership NHS I&E for allowing us to share their training resource with relevant colleagues in Greater Manchester

Hospital focused resources

Care homes focused resources

Family and informal carer focused resources

Resources reflecting COVID-19 and delirium