Keeping Physically Active

Being physically active is more important than ever right now. Moving more reduces the risk of serious health conditions and life-limiting diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Being more active also helps keep our bodies strong and flexible as they age, and can help alleviate conditions such a depression, stress and anxiety.

  • Keep on Keep Up (KOKU). KOKU is an award winning App which aims to assist older adults to independently engage with evidence based strength and balance exercises and includes games on how to maintain bone health, home safety and staying hydrated.  For a brief introduction on KOKU see short video or website.  It’s currently available in the App store for iPad use (not smart phone/App store) and can be downloaded as long as the user has an iPad.  Simply search for the name and click download.  It is offered as free to use, for anyone who is able to access and download it. It’s been certified and approved by NHS Digital and is GDPR and safety compliant.
  • You can find lots of advice on Greater Sport – ways to keep moving 
  • What To Do if someone falls