Greater Moments Christmas Special – coming soon

A festive concert will be performed at Bury Met on December 15th in preparation for streamed release across Greater Manchester on December 20th via social media.

Led by International Opera Artist Roy Locke this concert will cover classic singalongs such as Mack the Knife and Street Where You Live, plus Christmas Classics such as Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

The main audience is Greater Manchester’s ageing population, although its appeal will span all ages. It’s being rolled out through the newly launched Greater Moments platform – a pioneering project commissioned by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership  to create better connections for people living with dementia.

People from all over the world can watch the performance, however it will be very personal to Greater Manchester with lots of local reference points. There will also be an encouragement for people to sign up to Greater Moments to help connect future events and Greater Manchester’s wealth of community assets.

You can find out more about Greater Moments here