Primary care knowledge boost: Podcast on delirium

Dr Emma Vardy and Dr Helen Martin GP have delivered a great session on delirium.

Primary Care Knowledge Boost is a podcast hosted by Dr Lisa Adams and Dr Sara MacDermott (a GP and a GP/Public Health trainee). The aim of the podcast is to make good quality, easy to access primary care education. It is specifically geared towards a Greater Manchester audience, but is available online to all.

In this podcast Dr Emma Vardy Geriatrician and Dr Helen Martin GP  talk about the importance of picking delirium up early and treating the causes, as it can make a world of difference to patients and families. They share some great tips on how to diagnose and remember the list of causes. They also discuss the Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit which was developed for use in the community to act as a framework for assessment and management of delirium.

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  • You will need to scroll down to the Podcast, which was recorded on the 27th May 2021.