The delirium best practice webinar on World Delirium Awareness Day was a great success, with over 175 attendees representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds and services.

Amazing work being implemented within Greater Manchester, thank you for sharing your experiences and showcasing what can be done on a wider footprint!

What is delirium?

Delirium is a condition which causes a short-term confused state and develops over hours and days. It causes short term problems with memory, concentration, attention and personality. It occurs when a person is medically unwell and can be caused by several things, such as infections, pain or constipation. People living with dementia are more likely to experience delirium. People may go on to develop delirium, whether they are in hospital, in a care home or living at home.

Delirium Best practice webinar 

The webinar was a great success, with over 175 attendees representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds and services. We had representation from all 10 localities of Greater Manchester and a wide range of services and organisations attended including from across the UK.

This webinar, hosted by Dementia United, had a wide range of speakers covering the following topics:

  • What is delirium: a primary care perspective: Dr Rebecca Marchmont (General Practitioner, Dementia United clinical lead)
  • Humanising delirium care: carers experiences and Greater Manchester top tips resources; Liz Brookes and Marion Coleman (lived experience advisors, Dementia United’s Dementia Carers Expert Reference Group)
  • Greater Manchester’s updated delirium toolkits and implementation example in Tameside community:  Helen Pratt (Senior Project Manager, Dementia United)
  • Community delirium toolkit in care homes. A pilot in Trafford locality: Caroline Harvey (Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Trafford Local Care Organisation), Rebecca Poole (Specialist Commissioner- Older People’s Services, Trafford Council), Godfrey Taderera (Manager, Lady of the Vale Care Home)

You can download the slides from the webinar: GM Best Practice Delirium Webinar 2024 final

The key takeaways from the webinar, according to attendees:

Thank you, it has been a great webinar and really emotive – thank you to the people sharing their experiences with us

This has been very informative. Marion and Liz sharing your caring experience is so valuable and shows all should converse and listen to family members as the advocates for family members

You can find out more about our delirium programme here