Spotlight: Dementia United’s new quarterly magazine

Welcome to this first edition of our new quarterly magazine. This edition focuses on our newly launched Greater Manchester Dementia and Brain Health Quality Standards.

These Greater Manchester dementia and brain health quality standards have been developed to promote our vision and ambitions as we work to make Greater Manchester the best place to live for people affected by dementia. This document is designed to be read alongside the Dementia and Brain Health Delivery Plan 2023-25.

The standards aim to promote equity of services, improve quality of experience, and allow for consistent evaluation across our complex system. This is in line with Greater Manchester’s approach to “drive consistent improvement, reduce unwarranted variation and make the best use of our collective resources” (Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership Strategy, 2023).

The current standards build on previous standards developed by Dementia United in 2016 and the dementia care pathway recommendations produced between 2018 and 2023. National policy and guidance were also considered.

Download our Spotlight to find out more: Dementia United Spotlight on Quality Standards July 2024