Other information in the Wellbeing Plan

The information below links to a number of sections either in the reasons or actions, in the dementia wellbeing plan.

Young onset and rarer forms of dementia

Young Onset Dementia Guidance | YoungDementia UK is guidance primarily for Dementia Support Workers / Dementia Advisors who may not usually support an individual under the age of 65 years old affected by dementia.  It is intended to guide discussion with the person with dementia and their families and should be used flexibly to adapt to individual needs and circumstances; as well as a linking to other resources on the webpage e.g. videos, leaflets.

The Resources page has more information. Scroll down to Young Onset and Rarer Forms and press show more for links to resources, which includes websites and videos, such as frontotemporal dementia films.

Guidance on making a wellbeing plan more age appropriate for those with young onset dementia.


Dementia United webpage on delirium includes a public facing leaflet.

A person with dementia is at higher risk of developing delirium, therefore you may want to print this off and discuss it with the person, as part of the dementia wellbeing plan appointment.

Dementia medication

What are the treatments for dementia? – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Dementia and employment

A leaflet on employment from the Alzheimer’s Society.

Living with dementia

The dementia guide: Living well after diagnosis | Alzheimer’s Society which includes a video, audio and braille version of the guide, as well as in different languages

Tips on living well with dementia | Age UK

Personal health budgets and direct payments

The link to Personal budgets audio slideshow and to the link to Direct payments audio slideshow

‘Greater Moments’ lived experience barometer

Social Sense and Hitch in collaboration with us in Dementia United have developed a “Lived Experience Barometer” called Greater Moments, which measures in real time the experience of people affected by dementia to inform and enable improvements required locally and across Greater Manchester. To find out more see: Greater Moments | Making the Most of the Moments that Matter

Greater Moments App Walk Through – YouTube is to a short film walking you through the Greater Moments app.


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