The aim of the dementia wellbeing plan is to enable personalised care planning conversations to take place between the person with dementia, their family members, and the practitioner undertaking the care plan appointment or dementia review.

What is Personalised Care?

“Personalised care means people have choice and control over how their health and care needs are met. Decisions are made based on what matters most to them and their individual strengths and needs.

The approach does not focus solely on healthcare, but the person’s wellbeing and life as a whole, so it often involves a greater variety of people, including families, professionals and the wider community.” – Coalition for Personalised Care website

Personalisation films

Person-centred conversations are at the heart of personalisation. The video explains what person centred conversations are and why they are important.

This NHS England animation explains personalised care and the Comprehensive Personalised Care Model: NHS Comprehensive Personalised Care Model – Explainer Animation

Key resources

My Life, My Goals has been created by people with dementia, with input from researchers. We want this guide to give you hope: Hope that there are ways of managing any difficulties; Hope that there are solutions to problems; Hope that you can live a good life with dementia. This guide is full of ideas to help you think about your goals. A goal reflects your desires and wishes. What makes your heart sing or brings joy to your life? What simple changes could make your life easier? This guide will help you, step-by-step, try to achieve your goals and create YOUR own plan. You can access the website for the GREAT programme here 

Download My life my goals workbook

NHS England have provided a number of resources, including personalised care and support planning and information on personal health budgets: NHS England » Personalised care framework

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) offers a systematic process based around ‘better conversations’ between the person and their health and social care practitioners. Their webpage provides examples: What is personalised care and support planning? – Personalised care & support planning tool – Think Local Act Personal

Dementia United has created with colleagues from the Person-Centred Community Approaches programme a document which enables practitioners to prepare for personalised conversations:  Personalised Care and Support Planning

Online training

The Personalised Care Institute is a virtual training hub for all staff to access a wide-range of flexible and accredited e-learning course. It can be accessed via the GP Excellence webpage: Personalised Care Institute | GP Excellence website for Greater Manchester (

 The SCIE webpage has an e-learning module on personalisation: Personalisation: Introduction e-learning courses | SCIE


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