Post diagnostic support

Dementia United is seeking to improve the support and services which people living with dementia and their carers receive leading up to and after diagnosis. We have aligned our work with NHS England’s dementia well pathway, to cover diagnosing well, living and supporting well (which covers areas such as advice, peer support, caring, training, therapy, respite), as well as dying well.

A key barrier we’ve identified is that people may lack knowledge about the support available, what’s appropriate, and how to access these. There is also variation across the ten localities in Greater Manchester which can cause confusion about services in different areas.

Over 200 people living with dementia and carers have been engaged with and, or assisted with co-producing the post diagnostic support work programme projects.

Drawn by cartoonist  Tony Husband from the Dementia Voices Network Celebratory launch event 14th October 2019, hosted by the Alzheimer’s Society.

We have three key projects to achieve our goal:

Dementia Care Pathway

  • This pathway – which sets out the support and services that people should receive, wherever they live. It brings together information about services in each locality, along with the reasons and best practice behind those services. It will be available online as a digital resource allowing people to find the services and support available, and also compare post-diagnostic support across localities. Find out more

Dementia Wellbeing Plan

  • The dementia wellbeing plan promotes personalised planning conversations with people living with dementia about their needs and wants. It will ensure an improved standard of care planning for people living with dementia and also facilitate sharing across the system. This plan will be available as a standardised plan which can be accessed and shared digitally between practitioners. Alongside the plan there is a training suite for practitioners using the wellbeing plan. Find out more

Dementia care navigation standard

  • This standard sets out an agreed understanding of what help people living with dementia and carers should receive to help them identify support and services suitable for them. It’s a concise list of definitions and requirements for commissioners and providers of navigation services. Find out more 

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