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Accessing health services

If you have an existing medical condition or you become unwell you might be particularly worried about how to access treatment, medication and appointments. Here’s what you need to know.

Other illnesses and treatments don’t go away just because of coronavirus. For those that have existing conditions and need to access health services, or for those that develop symptoms that aren’t coronavirus related, it’s important you get the treatment you need. The NHS has made it clear that health services are still there for those who need them and that you should not ignore symptoms. Read more on the Age UK website. This video on how to access your GP practice during coronavirus might also be helpful.

Dementia Voices

Coming Out of Lockdown: Coping with Noise Sensitivity
Many people struggle with hearing in background noise and some people also have a sensitivity to loud sounds. At this time, people may have experienced more than a year of quiet at home. When we have a sensitivity to loud sounds it brings anxiety and stress in certain situations; we call this hyperacusis. The information has been written at the request of people living with dementia who are worried about going back into the noisy social world.  Coming Out of Lockdown: Coping with Noise Sensitivity

Coming out of lockdown: Supporting older residents

For many older people in Greater Manchester, coming out of lockdown presents new challenges. This webpage will host practical information and resources associated with coming out of lockdown, both for individuals and for organisations.


A  series of information booklets about Dementia and Sight Loss which you can download here

Government and NHS advice

Specific to dementia and older people

Translated information on coronavirus

Doctors of the World have produced Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for patients in 43 languages. You can watch a video or download written information.