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Dementia United is Greater Manchester Integrated Care’s programme for dementia.

In Greater Manchester we are working to bring the NHS, public services, and the wider community together to deliver integrated, person-centred care and support that enables people to live a good life.  Dementia United is Greater Manchester Integrated Care’s programme for dementia.

Our Greater Manchester programme is called `Dementia United’ because partners are united in our longstanding vision to improve the quality and experience of care for everyone affected by dementia, and to deliver this vision across the whole of the region.

NHS Greater Manchester are proud to have a dementia programme in place to support quality improvement across all areas of the health and social care system.  Much of this work aims to address unwarranted variation in access, experience, and outcomes for residents of Greater Manchester.

Dementia is a priority both nationally and in Greater Manchester.

We have made dementia a local priority through working in partnership with people affected by dementia, across all ten boroughs in Greater Manchester. In 2022 we co-hosted a successful in person event attended by many partners with a strong call for action and pledges supported by our senior leadership in Greater Manchester, and co-produced our current strategic delivery plan.

Our delivery plan and quality standards provide a vision for the future, and a  framework for all localities and organisations in Greater Manchester to evaluate against and develop action plans.  Our Place Leads work with partners in each locality to ensure these plans are developed and overseen within local structures, as well as at a Greater Manchester NHS level.

Our shared ambition is to improve the experience of being diagnosed and living with dementia and we work on projects which deliver improvements to the quality and experience of care, support and wellbeing,

We will continue to work towards making Greater Manchester the best place to live for all those affected by dementia.

Download our Dementia and Brain Health Delivery Plan 2023 to 2025 to find out more about our programme of work

Get involved: We aim to engage lived experience in all aspects of the programme. This can be through existing groups and networks or directly as part of specific pieces of work. ​ Our governance structure includes lived experience contributing the vital perspectives which comes from real lived experience, both from people living with dementia and their carers. ​You can find out more here 


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