Forward Planning

Discussing future wishes is a personalised, proactive and transparent process between an individual and their carer/s and health and social care staff. It identifies wishes and values, concerns and preferences for care in anticipation of any future deterioration in a person’s condition.

End of life care person centred conversations film

The link here I Didn’t Want That – Complete Film – Dying Matters – YouTube film highlighting the importance of knowing a person’s future wishes.

The link here A nurse introduces her patient to advance care planning – YouTube which covers the main elements applied to Advance Care Planning which are;

  • Think about it – initiate the conversation encourage the person to think about, provide resources
  • Talk about it
  • Write it down – person keeps hold of original copy
  • Share it – let the General Practitioner, other professionals know where original copy is held

Greater Manchester resources

The link here Dementia_end_of_life_leaflet.pdf ( to a Greater Manchester leaflet on having the conversations about end of life care and planning ahead.

The link here End of Life innovation project – YouTube highlights how person centred conversations are important when planning for end of life.

Contact details for advance care planning across GM

Other resources

The link here my-future-wishes-advance-care-planning-for-people-with-dementia.pdf ( provides signposting, information and support around advance care planning.

Age UK website link to End of life planning | Age UK along with the leaflet accessed here ageukig51_thinking_about_end_of_life_inf.pdf

Link here to ‘This is me’ AS ( which provides professionals with information about the person with dementia, when this is completed by the person with dementia and/or family. If the person does not have the mental capacity to complete an ‘Advance Care Plan’ the advice is to use ‘This is me’. ‘Looking ahead’ document NAMASTE-resource-Looking-Ahead-advance-care-planning.pdf ( be used for care home residents.

Links here to the Mental Capacity webpage offers defined ways to plan ahead for a time when the person may lose the mental capacity to make decisions.


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