Greater Moments

Do you want to be part of an exciting and innovative new project that captures the lived experience of those affected by Dementia?

What is Greater Moments: Dementia United commissioned Social Sense and Hitch to develop a Lived Experience Barometer know as Greater Moments to measure in real time the experience of people living with dementia and those who care for them. This will help inform and enable improvements required locally and across Greater Manchester. Greater Moments is a web-based platform that includes several features that will provide a range of benefits to the user.


  • Tracking wellbeing– Understanding your moods helps you manage them and feel better faster. If you are more aware of your moods, you may be able to better manage your lifestyle choices, make informed health decisions, prevent or avoid triggers of negative moods, and work towards a better quality of life.
  • Localised information– We also want to provide an easier way for individuals to connect within their communities in meaningful ways, which we also know can significantly improve purpose and wellbeing.
  • Scheduling events– A daily agenda may be able to help a person with dementia cope with their short-term memory loss. Establishing a predictable pattern of events can help transfer the schedule of a daily routine into the long-term memory portion of the brain, helping a person retain their ability to perform activities of daily life.
  • Service rating – By rating your experiences of services, activities or events, we want to identify and highlight good practice to others affected by dementia. The information collected will also help local commissioning raise standards of services locally and nationally.
  • Reflective journaling– “Not only can journaling ease the stress of a person with dementia, it’s an excellent mental exercise to keep the mind active.” – Laura Bowley, The Benefits of Journaling for Caregivers and People with Dementia, Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia; Twitter: @mindsetdementia

Why? Our aim is to create something that focuses not on the dementia, but the person and those around them. We want to capture everything that is positive, for example friendships and achievements alongside thoughts, feelings and concerns. Our shared ambition is to take this far beyond a measurement tool. We’re driven most by the potential for our combined knowledge and technologies to significantly and measurably improve lives.

We’re now looking for people to help us test and inform future direction – and we’d love to PICK you!

Who? We’re looking for anyone who is registered with a GP in Greater Manchester who has a dementia diagnosis, their family and their carers. We also want to speak to anyone who is interested in volunteering their time to support the engagement of the Greater Moments platform.  If you’re interested in becoming a user you can register here

Champions – Can You Spare An Hour A Week?

We are looking for people who are passionate about capturing the experiences of individuals living with dementia in Greater Manchester, who can promote and drive forward the user engagement of the project.

For more information visit: or Contact Stacey on:

Download the Greater Moments LeafletA4 to find out more.