Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Our aims

  • Support development of a Manchester consensus on Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), with a key focus on finding a cause when diagnosing mild cognitive impairment and being offered research opportunities.
  • Create a standardised Greater Manchester Approach to MCI – key recommendations for patient support once receiving an MCI diagnosis.
  • Develop MCI awareness films for professionals and the public
  • Develop a Greater Manchester post diagnostic support leaflet for those with MCI with localities utilising the resources above to see how they could be utilised within their own structures and ways of working
  • Neurology Academy to deliver a series of webinars to help professionals perform their own MCI quality improvement projects to improve patient care.

Why this matters

There is a lack of consistency in how people are diagnosed with MCI and for those who receive a diagnosis there is uncertainty on what the future may hold. A diagnosis of MCI can be a prompt to make positive lifestyle changes and to plan for the future. Any future treatments are likely to need to be given early in the disease process, making a strategy for dealing with MCI even more important. Those with MCI should be routinely offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and other research studies, including those on Join Dementia Research.

What we’ve achieved so far

  • Dementia United hosted a meeting for top clinicians and dementia experts from the NHS, universities, pharmaceutical organisations and charities came together to form the MCI consensus which calls for a fresh focus on how MCI should be recognised, diagnosed, and treated. The review is published in the medical journal Age and Ageing.
  • The co-produced Greater Manchester Approach to post diagnostic support for MCI was presented to the Directors of Commissioning
  • MCI awareness films for the public and professionals are now available, with special thanks to Age UK Trafford who were involved with their development.
  • The Greater Manchester post diagnostic support leaflet for those with MCI was finalised after speaking with professionals and those affected by MCI. Information for patients diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment in Greater Manchester
  • Bury and Trafford utilised their £10k of Dementia United Innovation funding to explore how the Greater Manchester approach to MCI and support leaflet could be implemented in their locality.


Dementia United are pleased to announce that the fully funded Greater Manchester MCI Webinar Series virtual learning course is now live.

Developed by Dr Ross Dunne and The Neurology Academy with support from Dementia United, this course is relevant and useful to anyone involved in the provision or development of services for those with mild memory impairment.

The aim of the webinar series is to equip people with the knowledge and motivation to carry out a service improvement project. Therefore, the focus will be on service quality improvement.

Participants will have access to seminar 1 before agreeing to carrying out a Quality Improvement project in their service. They will then have access to the rest of the webinar series and be invited to present their project plan at a live webinar in early 2021.

For further information and registration details, please click here:

Next steps

  • The Neurology Academy course will come to a conclusion around August 2021 time at which point Greater Manchester localities will present on how their MCI Quality Improvement projects went.  The Neurology Academy also plan to do a subsequent academic article summarising the course initiative and Greater Manchester and national project application.