Landmark partnership between Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia United

Dementia United and the Alzheimer’s Society have worked together since inception and are entering into a collaboration to provide improved benefits for people living with dementia and their carers.

Posted 31 January 2020

Dementia was highlighted as one of the early Devolution priorities to build on the great work that was already taking place by making improvements across Greater Manchester.

The partnership agreement was signed at the Greater Manchester Health and Care Board

The objective of the partnership is to achieve the shared ambition of a transformation of health, wellbeing and experience of people living with dementia, and carers in Greater Manchester, together making Greater Manchester the best place to live with dementia. The partnership includes:

  • Working with and supporting the 10 localities of Greater Manchester with the ambition to develop and expand Dementia Connect
  • Supporting the development of new and wider partnerships enabling the gathering of more information about the impact of dementia support on the lives of people affected by dementia
  • Developing and building on Dementia United’s work
  • Making use of the Greater Manchester technology to generate real world evidence of post diagnostic care
  • Creating space to listen, look at and do things differently, allowing innovation and a test and learn culture which provides opportunities and different propositions to enable healthier, more resilient and empowered people living with dementia to take charge of their own well-being
  • Having a joined-up conversation supporting the 30,000+ people living with dementia in Greater Manchester to live well
  • Reflecting on what has worked in the relationship between the partners since 2016 and building on this