The Greater Moments app has gone live!

Helping people living with dementia to make the most of the moments that matter

People living with dementia and their carers can now register for the app on the Greater Moments website and click on “Request a Login”.

Greater Moments aim is to create something that focusses not on the dementia, but the person and those around them. We want to capture everything that is positive, for example friendships and achievements alongside thoughts, feelings and concerns.

People living with dementia tell us the importance of positive experiences of using local services, for example transport, shops and interactions with GPs and other professionals. Through this platform we have a real opportunity to better understand and improve these experiences across Greater Manchester.

We also want to provide an easier way for individuals to connect within their communities in meaningful ways, which we also know can significantly improve purpose and wellbeing.

Our shared ambition is to take this far beyond a measurement tool. We’re driven most by the potential for our combined knowledge and technologies to significantly and measurably improve lives.