Age UK Trafford’s Blossom Out group

Age UK Trafford has continued to support people with memory loss despite not being able to meet up face to face for the past year.

During Dementia Action Week we’re sharing stories from across Greater Manchester around raising awareness, diagnosing well, living well and supporting well.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic the Blossom Our group met weekly at the Sharples Building in Urmston. The group  shared information and news, played games to help with cognitive stimulation and took part in regular physical activity.

When face to face groups had to stop they were keen to keep the group together and continue to support well.  They chose an online format as the best way to do this and the group meets weekly using Zoom. Participants  shared that during difficult time it gives them something to look forward to each week and a regular time to see familiar faces and friends.

During this time the group have engaged with guest speakers and been involved in research events to support scientific advancement in the memory loss field, in particular Groningen University in the Netherlands.

It’s hoped that the group will soon be back face to face again but in the meantime the pandemic and lockdowns hasn’t stopped the group from staying together.

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