Bringing about change involving people with lived experience is so important

I am so looking forward to this event.  It’s always good to have the opportunity to challenge the people who are influencing our lives and our communities. 

Joy is a lived experience advocate for the Alzheimer’s Society and is a valued member of the event lived experience steering group. Notably, Joy is the creator of Mr Alzheimer’s. You can find out more about this campaign can here: Mr Alzheimer’s goes to school (

It will be interesting to hear what people have to say about the topics, and to get their views on how things can be improved.  I’m particularly excited about the diagnosing well discussion.  Coming from personal experience, I’m passionate for change in this area.  I will also be taking a big interest in the post diagnostic support discussion.  I will be coming to this discussion knowing that improvements have been made, but that there is still room for long term change for people affected by dementia.  Many of the people attending this event will know about dementia, but bringing about change involving people with lived experience is so important.

 It goes without saying that I would love to be involved in all of the discussions, but although my dementia brain fragments sometimes, my body won’t split into 10 or so parts, allowing me to participate in all the round table chats.

Living well with dementia in Greater Manchester: join us, we need each other

Join us for this Greater Manchester event on June 6th 2022 and make sure your voice is heard

This event, led and organised by lived experience colleagues, Dementia United, Alzheimer’s Society and the International Longevity Centre UK plans to undertake a respectful reflection of the adverse impact of the pandemic on people affected by dementia as well as a refocus on recovery looking forward #LivingWellWithDementiaGM

Come along to make sure your voice is heard

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