Salford – Mr Alzheimer’s School Campaign

The Mr Alzheimer’s Goes to School Campaign aims to start conversations about dementia, in the school, at home and in the wider community. Following a successful pilot with two schools in Salford this funding enabled the team to roll this out across more primary schools. Schools are provided with a campaign bag for children to take home. It includes a Mr Alzheimer’s teddy (made by volunteers in Salford), introduction post cards for family and friends, puzzles and games, Mr Alzheimer’s Goes to Toyland story and a bag (you will get to make your own diary to go in to the bag!). The Mr Alzheimer’s Goes to Toyland has been written for younger people and follows the adventures of Mr Alzheimer’s as he tries to buy his granddaughter a birthday present.

Evaluation results

The team rolling out this stage of the project worked with more schools and so weren’t able to spend as much time in face to face meetings. This meant the relationships with these schools was very different to the pilot and highlighted the importance of identifying the right person in a school who has the time and capacity to support the campaign.


  • It’s important to involve people affected by dementia in the design, development and delivery of projects
  • School children are key in both the co-production of campaigns like this and in taking it into schools via School Councils
  • To identify different ways of delivering this campaign as a result of Covid-19 restrictions

You can find out more on Salford Age UK’s website

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