Trafford – Mild cognitive impairment physical activity sessions

What we did

We ran structured mild cognitive impairment specific sessions with a focus on physical activity and healthy living for people with a diagnosis.

 Evaluation results

  • Mild cognitive impairment is now embedded in the Trafford dementia strategy and included in the commissioned memory loss advice service
  • People with mild cognitive impairment are now supported, more aware of what their diagnosis means and more informed how they can change their lifestyle to help prevent further cognitive decline
  • People with mild cognitive impairment are now more confident that they know where to go for advice and that there is support for them
  • People with mild cognitive impairment I can meet their peers, feel involved in their community and have made new friendships
  • People with mild cognitive impairment are less depressed or despondent about their condition and also feel less isolated and more engaged
  • Two members who had been professional musicians had lost their confidence to play any more due to cognitive decline – they are now playing to the rest of the group and doing duets


  • Further development of these sessions has been paused due to COVID-19 but online support has continued in place of face to face sessions

You can find out more on the Age UK Trafford’s website

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