We’ve been in conversation with community colleagues who have been involved in either piloting or implementing the community delirium toolkit. Click on the links below to watch the films:

 The Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit: background, key documents, and guidance on using the toolkit.

  • In conversation with Dr Emma Vardy Consultant Geriatrician/Clinical Dementia Lead Salford ICO (Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust) who discuss the community delirium toolkit. Their conversation covers: What delirium is and why it is important to detect it; How we developed the community delirium toolkit; All the key documents and how to use them; Some results from the piloting of the toolkit

Primary care knowledge boost:Podcast on delirium

  • We also have a podcast where Dr Emma Vardy Geriatrician and Dr Helen Martin GP talk about the importance of picking delirium up early and treating the causes, as it can make a world of difference to patients and families. You can find out more here and listen to the podcast here

Stockport launch of the Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit in June 2022

  • Stockport are trailblazers as they launch the Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit across a number of services and teams. Emma Vardy and Helen Pratt’s recording  highlights the great work that has taken place in Stockport, including a huge thank you for all the time and effort that has gone in to getting so many services and teams ready for the launch. You can watch the recording here 

In conversation with Sara Harris, North West Ambulance Service

  • In conversation with Sara Harris Community Paramedic with the North West Ambulance Service. Sara has been undertaking a project to improve the use of the screening of delirium, using the 4AT

 In conversation with Emma Davies, Bolton Admission Avoidance Team

  • In conversation with Emma Davies Advanced Clinical Practitioner from the Bolton Admission Avoidance Team. They discuss piloting the Delirium Community Toolkit and the impact of using the toolkit in avoiding admissions.

 In conversation with Caroline Harvey, Trafford Community Enhanced Care Service

  • In conversation with Caroline Harvey Community Matron from the Trafford Community Enhanced Care Service. They discuss piloting the Delirium Community Toolkit and the impact of using the toolkit in the Enhanced Care Service.

 Delirium Presented by Dr Emma Vardy

  • Delirium Presented By Dr Emma Vardy Dr Emma Vardy talks about delirium with a focus for the North West Ambulance Service. The webinar covers what delirium is, why it’s important, and how to detect it. Particular focus on assessment and management in the community and a overview of the GM community delirium pathway.

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