Locality-led adoption of the Greater Manchester Delirium Toolkit Quarter 2

Our new report highlights the fabulous engagement and adoption from all ten localities across Greater Manchester, over the last three to six months.

Following the success of the pilot, there have been great examples, of the pilot community teams, leading on the adoption in their localities of the Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit. Dementia United, working with these locality teams created this heat map showing the levels of adoption across Greater Manchester.

Using the Stages of Adoption taken from the Patient Safety Network – Health Innovation Manchester, the heat map shows the locality-led adoption of the Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit.

Download the new Quarter 2 report Heat map showing locality-led adoption of GM Delirium Toolkits. Updated Nov 2021

Working with the localities we will continue to update the heat map on a quarterly basis with the next update due in January 2022.

We had started to see the benefits being delivered by the Greater Manchester Community Toolkit, when we piloted it in 2020. These benefits were;

  • Reduction in admissions to hospital as 70% remained at home (61 patients)
  • Improved quality of care as patients presenting with acute confusion were screened using a standardised assessment tool (156 patients screened for delirium)
  • Proactive follow-up and onward referral as needed for people with delirium who were safely managed at home
  • Timely standardised identification of causes of delirium and commencing treatment for delirium (87 patients with delirium)
  • Education and information for people who experience delirium and families, with the provision of the leaflet which also has a person centred plan
  • Proactive prevention for patients who are at high risk of developing delirium, with the provision of the leaflet which has information on what people can do to prevent delirium

Find out more about the Greater Manchester Community Toolkit.