World Delirium Awareness Day 2022

We’ve collated resources to enable you to support people at risk of developing delirium and people who go on to develop delirium, including supporting family care partners and carers.

Delirium causes a short term confused state and can develop over hours or days. It is a common condition. 20% of adults in hospital experience delirium, 50% of people who have a hip fracture will experience delirium.

People can develop delirium anywhere such as in hospital, care homes and living at home. Delirium can affect memory, concentration and personality. It is a sign of an underlying illness and is a medical emergency. Delirium will usually improve, once the underlying illness is treated, but sometimes it can last for a while.

Raising awareness about delirium is important in order to ensure that the person at risk or who goes on to develop delirium, gets the right care and treatment.

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You can find out more about our delirium programme here