Dementia United are presenting at the European Delirium Association’s annual conference

Professor Emma Vardy and Helen Pratt are co-facilitating a public engagement event, alongside Nate Frost, a freelance community artist.

The power of personal voices to move hearts and minds is recognised widely. Emma, Nate and Helen all previously hosted a similar creative voices workshop in Greater Manchester in 2020. This was in partnership with Oldham Libraries, where participants with lived experiences of delirium were able to share these experiences through the creation of a collated booklet (Zine) You can find out more about this workshop here

The European Delirium Association’s 2023 Annual Meeting, is at the University of Birmingham from September 6th to 8th. It’s a global conference covering state of the art delirium research and clinical practice across multiple disciplines.  The theme of this year’s meeting was “Reconstructing delirium by assembling expertise. World leaders in delirium and allied fields have been invited to share their expertise and talk about how it might be applied to further our understanding and management of delirium.

What will you take away from the workshop? “To be an advocate for those with delirium and their families.”

The link to the conference is here European Delirium Association (

You can find out more about our work on delirium here

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