Locality led adoption of the community delirium toolkit is growing across Greater Manchester

Following the success the of the community delirium toolkit, a number of locality-led teams are taking forward implementing using the community delirium toolkit.

One of the highlights from this pilot was that community teams were able to safely manage 70% of the patients screened for delirium at home, thereby avoiding hospital admission.

Dementia United, working with the locality community teams, have pulled together a heat map, showing each localities stages of adopting the community toolkit. This heat map reflects the position as of the end of June 2021. The heat map will be updated on a quarterly basis.

You can download our heat map via the link here Locality led adoption across Greater Manchester July 2021

Delirium is a condition which causes a short-term confused state and develops over hours and days. It causes short term problems with memory, concentration, attention and personality. It occurs when a person is medically unwell and can be caused by several things, such as infections, pain or constipation. People living with dementia are more likely to experience delirium. People may go on to develop delirium, whether they are in hospital, in a care home or living at home.

The Greater Manchester community delirium toolkit was designed for health and social care staff to use in the community to help them identify and manage delirium. It is based on national evidence and includes resources for both clinicians and people experiencing delirium and their families.

Click here find out more about the toolkit and the pilot evaluation. You can also access a range of resources that provide useful learning for those using the community delirium toolkit.

We’ve also been in conversation with community colleagues who have been involved in either piloting or implementing the community delirium toolkit and have four films and a podcast available.

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