Dementia Wellbeing Plan – Key Documents

We have provided the dementia wellbeing plan, as well as some supplementary resources that we hope will benefit the practitioner in preparing and undertaking personalised care planning.

The Dementia Wellbeing Plan

The Greater Manchester dementia wellbeing plan is in a format that provides you with reasons for the questions and actions when writing the plan. Where the reason and or the action mention a discreet resource or refer to information, we have provided these in the training suite webpages to follow.

Greater Manchester Dementia Wellbeing Plan v1.6

Supplementary resources

Flowchart – We have provided a flow chart that explains the process before, during and after undertaking a care planning appointment with the person with dementia.

Wellbeing Plan Flowchart v4

Leaflets about care planning – We have provided two leaflets below, that you may want to send out in advance of the person attending for their care planning appointment.

We have a Greater Manchester leaflet that explains what the appointment will cover and provides a blank copy of the plan, for the person with dementia and their family to complete, if they so wish. Please do prompt and ask if this is the case, at the appointment, if you have sent this out in advance.

Leaflet about care planning version 0.8

We have also provided the SCIE & NICE Dementia – Discussing and planning support leaflet.

Dementia – discussing and planning support after diagnosis

Letter to arrange a meeting for care planning – the letter is inviting the person with dementia to attend a dementia annual review/wellbeing planning appointment.

Letter to arrange a meeting for care planning version 0.4

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